Android Qualcomm BMW Navigation adds 4G LTE internet

Android Qualcomm BMW Navigation adds 4G LTE internet

6th Mar 2020

As a BMW car owner, you suppose to be interested in adding 4G LTE internet to Andriod Qualcomm BMW Navigation

Along with the high-speed development of IOT (Internet of Things), the trend flows to internet of everything. Nowadays, surfing on internet in car is more and more popular. Imagining you shop via Android Apps in car on the way to work, and receive your beloved items when approaching home, what a joyful life!

What kind of 4G LTE SIM Card you should insert to Android qualcomm BMW navigation?

Micro SIM card and Nano SIM card are supported. But Nano type must be used together with card sleeve. Refer to the picture as below:

What is the 4G LTE SIM Card Insertion Direction?

Because android qualcomm BMW navigation head units are designed in different ways, so the insertion direction varies from different head units. We typically summarize in following types:

Type A: Type B:

Type C:

Type D:

Please do insert the 4G LTE SIM card according to above direction correctly, or it will damage the android SIM card slot.


Please insert the 4G LTE SIM card before you install the android qualcomm BMW navigation.

We considerately provide a plastic tweezer for removing the 4G LTE SIM card.

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