How do I Install Navigation in my Audi A3 S3 RS3?

13th May 2020

How to install aftermarket android navigation in Audi A3 S3 RS3? 

Here we provide Installation Manual for Audi A3 S3 RS3 2013-2018 android navigation system. For the android navigation, you can buy [X505] from our website.

The installation is plug and play, no cutting the wires, no modifications, no need to program your car when installation.

Replace the whole 7" android screen instead of changing circuit board in the Original Audi Screen. Simple wiring Connection.

The android screen is 7 inch Pop-up retractable screen, after replacing the original Audi screen, it keeps the original CD/Radio head unit in the car, thus it supports all original functions: such as factory radio (FM/AM),CD,navigation,backup camera, steering wheel controls, MMI Knob, parking system,vehicle display and etc.

it is easy to switch the menu between the original Audi MMI menu and Android menu, the MMI Knob is working in both original menu and android menu.

Installation Steps:

1. Original Audi Car Menu                      2. Pry out the original screen panel                      3. Pry out the air outlet

4. Pry out the air outlet                       5. Remove screws of original screen             6. Remove screws of original screen

7. Pry out the original screen               8. Remove connectors of original screen        9. Remove original CD Head Unit

10. Remove power cable of original           11. Remove the fixing screws inside       12. Remove the screws inside

CD Head Unit (Refer to Connection)           the glove Box                                                the glove box

13.Remove the fixing screws inside        14. Remove the fixing screws inside       15. Remove the screws inside

the glove box                                                 the glove box                                                the glove box

16. Remove the fixing screws inside    17. Transfer Android power cable            18. Connect Android Interface

the glove box                                             (Click: Connection video)                          (Click: Connection video)

19. Connect LVDS between Original            20. Connect LVDS between Android            21. Remove fixing screws from 

CD to Android Interface (Video)                    Interface and Android Screen (Video)        Original Audi Screen

22. Remove fixing screws from                   23. Remove Original Audi Screen           24. Cable Connection 

Original Audi Screen                                       and replace with Android Screen             (Refer to Connection Video

25. Install Android Screen                           26. After Installation                                  27. After Installation