​How to install and set front view camera for Mercedes Benz GPS Navigation System?

15th Apr 2021

Hifimax Mercedes Benz GPS Navigation Head Unit can make the front view camera works after easy plug-and-play. The front view camera can show automatically while shifting the gear forward from reverse, Android menu comes back after touching Benz Android screen.

Please follow the instruction step by step to install and set the front view camera:

Step 1:

Connect theVideo Out (yellow port) of Front view camera to FF CAMERA IN of Android Screen RCA cable.

Step 2:

Connect the front view camera power (a red wire) to Camera +12V of Android power harness. It means, your front view camera gets the power from our Android screen, and this is the only power source for the front view camera. In this way, the front view camera can get the power consistently and show front view image smoothly.

Step 3:

To click a simple setting in Android Benz Screen to get it done.

1. Setting

2. Factory→Password:190627

3. Go to Function and tick the “F-CAM”

Where to buy front view camera?

Where to buy Mercedes Benz Android GPS Navigation?

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