How to Transfer Audio from AUX to USB for Mercedes Benz NTG 5.0?

8th Jun 2020

There isn't AUX for Mercedes-Benz NTG5.0 system, but how to Transfer Audio for Mercedes Benz NTG 5.0?Hifimax provides an external audio transfer device to transfer audio for Android head unit.

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1.Plug USB port to original USB, go to original Benz menu- Media, it will reconize “USB AUX Sources”:

2. Click to enter interface of “USBAUXsources”:

3. Press and hold the “ * ”of “COMAND” konb to set the shortcut:

4. Count from left hand side, first icon is 1, for an example, there are 5 icons in following picture, "USB AUX sources" icon is on the 5th place. Remember this number 5, we will go to set AUX position 1.

5. Return to the main interface and enter the setting

6. system settings → AUX position

7. Select Number 5 for AUX Position 1.

Done! The sound comes out from Benz Original Car Speakers. Perfect!!! :D

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