Installation for Mercedes Benz C W204/S204 (2008-2010) Navigation

1st Feb 2020

This is the installation manual for android navigation for Mercedes Benz C class W204/S204 2008-2010 with NTG 4.0, it is the same installation for the left hand drive car and right hand drive car types. If you interest to buy the android screen GPS navigation, please click here.

The installation will just replace the factory screen,the original radio head unit will keep in the car, thus all original functions work same as before. To keep original functions, it need to make some settings in NTG setting interface, please click here to view more details.

Installation steps

1, Remove the trim of AC outlet, disconnect the connector on the back of trim of AC outlet.

2, Remove two fixing screws for the factory screen.

3, Take out the factory monitor, and then remove the fixing screw for the factory radio head unit.

4, Remove the fixed pile for the factory radio head unit (just pry up the pile)

5, Pull out the factory radio head unit, connect the LVDS converter box for android screen.

6, Connect the power cable to the back of original radio head unit. Install the bracket of android screen.

7 Connect the LVDS cable to android screen,and wiring the cables to the back of android screen, then install the android screen.

8, Installation finished.

Please notice:

1, Before wiring the power harness to the back of android screen, you should connect the AUX Cable first.The Mercedes Benz car it have AUX or AMI , thus, there is an Adapter that switch the sound from AUX to USB, click here to read details for AUX to USB installation

2, About the installation of GPS antenna & 2 wifi antenna, normally, you can install them on the right side of dashboard,the wifi antenna can install under the glove box,remove the 3M sticker and tape it to the metal inside of the glove box. For GPS antenna.

gps antenna and wifi antenna installation guide