Installation for Mercedes Benz E class W212 S212 (09-12) Navigation

31st Jan 2020

This is the installation manual for OEM android navigation for Mercedes Benz E class W212 S212 2009-2012, it is totally plug and play,no cutting wires, no modification for original cars. The installation will just replace the original screen,the original radio head unit still keep in the car, thus all factory functions can continue to work as before.

To keep original functions, it need to make some settings in NTG setting interface, please click here to visit for details.

Installation steps

1:Remove the frame around the original display, then remove the two screws on the side,so that to take off the factory monitor.

2, Remove the clip for the frame of AC outlet, and use a screwdriver make the clip to the middle side, so that remove the AC outlet,please take a look the photo showed as below.

3, Use a screwdriver make the clip to the middle in other side. And remove the frame of AC outlet.

4, Remove two fixing screws for factory radio head unit(just loosen the screws and then press it down)

5, Install the our bracket frame for the android screen,and install the android screen to the car.(before that, you need to wiring the power cable from the bottom to the top and put them on the back of android screen)

6, After installation, then make settings in NTG interface.

Please notice:

1, Before wiring the power harness to the back of android screen, you should connect the AUX Cable first.The Mercedes Benz car it have AUX or AMI , thus, there is an Adapter that switch the sound from AUX to USB, click here to read details for AUX to USB installation

2, About the installation of GPS antenna & 2 wifi antenna, normally, you can install them on the right side of dashboard,the WI-FI antenna can install under the glove box,remove the 3M sticker and tape it to the metal inside of the glove box. For GPS antenna.

gps antenna and wifi antenna installation guide