PX6 & Qualcomm Snapdragon BMW android navigation comparison

PX6 & Qualcomm Snapdragon BMW android navigation comparison

1st Sep 2020

PX6 VS Qualcomm Snapdragon BMW Android Navigation

The main difference between the PX6 & Qualcomm models are: the Qualcomm model support 4G LTE (PX6 does not have it), it is base android 10 (PX6 model is android 9.0). Once more, the Qualcomm model is about USD20.00 higher than PX6 models.

PX6 VS Qualcomm snapdragon BMW android navigation GPS screen

How to choose it? PX6 or Qualcomm models?

A, About the 4G LTE.

1) The 4G function relies on your local 4G network, if the 4G network is not so good in your country,

then no need to choose the Qualcomm model.

2) If your country with a good 4G network, and you also need to use an online map & internet can choose the Qualcomm model

In fact, PX6 models can also use an online map, just connect the android screen to the internet ( by WiFi or hotspot).
Both of them can download the offline map, such as Google map (it need to connect to the internet by
Wi-Fi or hotspot before download), you can download map data for your city.

With the offline map, you can use the navigation map even without the 3G/4G internet.
If the map needs to update, just connect to the internet (by WiFi or hotspot) and update it, that is easy!

B, About the Android Version.

Many people are very concerned about the android version and hope to get a higher android version for their unit.
Some people ask: if order android 9.0 now, is it possible to upgrade to android 10 in the future?
The PX6 & Qualcomm model is different hardware, thus, it can NOT upgrade the PX6 model to the Qualcomm model.

For the PX6 model, it is android 8.1 OS when it came to market (about May - 2018), after six months, it upgraded to android 9.0, but the functions are the same as android 10, you can't really tell the difference for day-to-day usage.
So, in my opinion, it also not a very big problem for the android version, some people still using the models based on android 4.4 os.